Scrapbooking – a great idea that sounds like fun but in reality is about as enjoyable for me as getting blood drawn.  Which I did today.  And then I realized I forgot to fast and will have to go back and get MORE blood drawn next week.  I’d still rather do that than scrapbook.

Not that I don’t OWN all of the scrapbooking tools.  At one point I was sure this was right up my alley.  I bought the papers, the scissors, the stickers, the stamps and the bag to hold all of the papers, scissors, stickers and stamps.  I was ready to scrap my children’s babyhood.  And then I tried it.

I am still keeping all of those cards, notes, photos, art and other things that all good mothers preserve for their children.  But you won’t find it decorated with stencils, cute quotes, ribbons or die cut images.  I had officially given up scrapbooking years ago until I ran across this idea…

Scrapbooking the Mundane

Every year document one random week of your life.  In an effort to celebrate the everyday stuff and then file it away with the other years – it becomes almost like a time capsule.  A peak into what your life was like that particular year.  Genius!  I am so going to do this.

Here are some how-tos:

1.  Photograph the mundane details of your waking hours: your alarm clock when it goes off, the half-finished cup of coffee or the view on your way to work or school.

2.  Go into pack-rat mode and save everything – receipts, ticket stubs, newspaper headlines, grocery lists, candy bar wrappers…stuff into an envelope each day.

3.  Write a daily message to yourself on a piece of card stock.  Maybe start with what you are grateful for that day.

4.  At the end of the week print out the photos and sort them by day with the rest of your treasures.  Arrange into page protectors and file away in a binder that can be pulled out each year for the same experiment.  Maybe pick a different season or month the next year.

Anyone want to try this with me?  Maybe late April/early May?