Note:  We will discuss Chapter 13 next of the Dave Ramsey book.  It is also the last chapter.  Look for it soon!

The “beer rockers” and where I store my fabrics for sewing

The other side and my crafty storage

I want to write, I keep meaning to write, I open the “new post” page on wordpress for a reminder.  And then I close it all up and go to bed.  Such is life right now.

Spring break made me realize how very few months left of school I had until summer break and how little I will get done when that happens.  No getting around it:  my kids are challenging.  J has Asperger’s, which has a laundry list of issues, L has speech issues and a mom who consistently forgets to work with her, E is in the throes of the terrible twos and add on top of that the usual kid things like sibling rivalry and some health issues on my end that have popped up and I end up being one exhausted mom at the end of the day.  School allows somewhat of a break in which other things in life can be dealt with like laundry, cleaning, errands and yes, writing.  Ah, school.  How I love thee.  I really enjoy being excited to see them after the bit of a break.

Except that I haven’t written in ages, nor have I picked up a book lately.  My kid free days left are minimal because E only goes to school two days a week and I have been using them for major spring cleaning projects.  “Clean” in our house means organization.  Cleaning out drawers, closets, moving rooms around, rotating seasonal and outgrown clothing and basically getting the house in order.  Deep cleaning like washing baseboards, cleaning windows and other usual spring projects will be left for another day…or year.  I can stand a little dirt, but a messy closet will send me over the edge.

But while it causes some stress in our life – it also has been therapeutic.  Purging is the equivalent of detox for me.  Less stuff in my life equals more room in my head.  More space to breathe and enjoy basic things.  We recently moved Keith’s office upstairs and made the sunroom a family room again.  Sunny breakfasts together while listening to the Beatles, evenings sitting in the rockers enjoying a beer, art projects, my new crafting and sewing hobby space- all right there.  It is a lot more fun to get that stuff out and work on it when you know exactly where it is and you don’t have to dig deep in a bottomless drawer to figure it out.

But tick tock.  The clock stops in a month and I don’t want to be spending my summer days organizing my house.  My time will be better spent hanging out with the kids and soaking in some sun, working on the garden, enjoying night fires and taking a few deep breaths.  I’ll be back to regular writing soon, but in the meantime I’ll get on here as much as I can.  If you don’t see me, assume I am snuggled up under a blanket “watching” the same episode of Gilmore Girls over and over because I am NOT falling asleep missing parts of it.