Some people have artistic talent and can paint, draw or take beautiful photographs.  Others have a beautiful voice for singing or natural acting talent.  I was apparently at the end of the line when God was handing out the talent.

My gift?  Justification.  I can justify anything and believe me, I’m sure that awesome talent led to some of the debt we are now trying to get rid of.

A few weeks ago I ran across this screen at the thrift store.  It immediately caught my eye and I began mentally searching through our house trying to figure out where I would place it.  Not surprisingly, no corner of our house screamed I NEED A SCREEN!  So I walked away and continued to walk away from it for two weeks.  Every time I stopped in I would run over to make sure it was still there and double check the price to see if it had been discounted yet.  Cool items don’t stay long – either it is butt ugly and I am blind or no one else could think of where to put the screen either.

One drawback to the sunroom is when I’m in there working late at night I feel like I am in a fishbowl.  I wasn’t keen on putting up shades and curtains would have been expensive.  What to do?  If only I had a screen…YES!!!!

The next morning I was shoving it into my station wagon and have been using it ever since.  Doesn’t block all the windows but at least there is a bit more privacy…and a funky cool screen that I just adore.