I decided to post of pic of my very first best friend – we met in Sister Corcoran’s second grade class in 1981.
And in 2003, ended up buying matching pajama sets at the Gap.

This weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited to a good friend’s spring celebration at her new house.  The house was an amazing find for them and I am so happy to see it and celebrate a new beginning with her.  I knew a good portion of the women there but in very different capacities.  A diverse group of personalities but also a great common interest in food, ecology, social issues and of course a fondness for the hostess.

As I looked around the room it got me thinking of my own group of close friends and what an amazing diversity in relationships I have.  All of my friends serve a unique purpose in my life – a friendship that is there for a reason.  Like:

one who shares a deep friendship with both me AND Keith,

one who shares a love of cooking and eating and eating and cooking and then some more,

one who pushes me to workout, who keeps calling no matter how many excuses I can think of to not run,

one who has known me the longest and can validate my college memories for me… and no matter how old I get, makes me feel 20 again,

The one who shares almost all of the same interests and hobbies with me and embraces my quirks,

one who pushed me along early in motherhood when I felt like life was to be forever lived in a fog,

the one that I’ve developed an awesome relationship with mostly through Facebook and can’t wait to reconnect with one day in real life,

one who teaches me to sew and has opened all kinds of new doors for me,

one who has uncomfortable knowledge of my brief self-appointed Presidential position of the Rugby Junior High Beatles Fan Club,

the one who allows me some undeserved trash talk at Catan and giggles with me about nothing,

one who always offers to take my children, despite knowing how challenging they can be,

the one who feels like family no matter how close or far they live across the vast lake,

one for whom I had to give an eulogy at the age of 15 at her funeral and never got to formally say goodbye,

one who gets exactly what it is like to be a stay at home mom with three kids and a husband who travels because she is one herself,

one who I can call in a moments notice and meet anywhere in the country – if only that moment were available to me,

the one who through continuous strained relationship issues, I’ve grown a lot as a person in dealing with,

one who can help me remember the names of all those high school classmates I can no longer pull from my ever-aging memory,

one who encourages me to help the community and become a better citizen,

the one who befriended me the minute I moved to a strange, new city,

the one who is low maintenance and always forgives me for the lack of attention to the friendship,

the one who was there while I was learning the ropes in my professional career and believed in me immensely…

You are somewhere in here.  Thank you.