See, here’s the scenario:

Girl has no money (see girl cry)

Girl finds love and self-worth in thrift stores no matter how sad that might make the girl look

Girl buys too many Pyrex dishes and realizes she can no longer keep spending at thrift stores all the time

no spending = better

Girl sees beautiful china cabinet and has found the perfect way to ditch her “does not fit the space, not the right color wood but too nice to get rid of” other one

Girl gets a plan together, will sell current one for the same price, if not a bit more on Craig’s List and completely recoup the cost, making the transition “free”

Girl convinces husband to go get it, ignoring evil glares and thick attitude from husband that is becoming more and more common with these “odd requests”

Husband, although he will never fully admit it out of principle, really likes it and is willing to go along with the mid-day inconvenience, seeing the complete brilliance in the girl’s logic and taste.

Okay, I made the “brilliance” part up.  But the rest is true.