Mothers Day has become a comfortable routine for us.  We’ve always taken a picnic (my choice of course: cold fried chicken using Lawry’s seasoning salt, 7 layered salad, deviled eggs, special sodas and brownies) down to the Chicago Botanical Garden and spent the day there.  I enjoy it – still do, but this year decided I did not feel like braving the chillier-than-picnics-should-be weather and seeing the beautiful gardens in phase 1 of the growing season…again.  I asked that our trip be delayed for another weekend in the summer so we can see the plants in another stage and instead had a “staycation” at home.  All agreed.

Brilliant.  Seriously, you have to do this.

From wake up to bedtime I hung around the family, by myself and would have met a friend for a drink had I planned this in advance.  Keith made the meals, took care of the kids and I was to wander and do as I pleased.  If they started annoying me, I’d just go into the sunroom and craft, sit outside and read, garden or watch TV.  And sleep.  I slept a lot.  It was bliss!  Did not cost me a cent and I got to be around the family while not in charge of a thing.  Dirty diaper?  Dad took care of it.  Showers?  All Dad.  I swear I’m doing this twice a year – once for my birthday and once for Mother’s Day.  Obviously Keith’s willing to do this played a big part in making it non-stressful and enjoyable.

Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is expected to be whatever Keith feels like doing.  This usually ends with me not knowing the plans up until the night of Father’s Day.  No set plans are made, no special requests (expect for sleeping in a bit and some breakfast, which I did not do this year and let me tell you I heard about it…oops).  It usually ends with me in exasperation trying to pry his dreams and desires out of him.

Not exactly the organized holiday that honors mom.  Neither of us really had the holiday we envisioned.  So now I’m trying to think of a fun “day for dad” do-over.  Any suggestions that are low cost or free would be appreciated!