Summer has finally hit Wisconsin.  You hate to get crabby because it’s a change!  It’s heat!

And we just don’t get that enough to take it for granted.

But when you live in a house with no central A/C, even though you told yourself that was a sticking point when looking for houses and got bedazzled by things like coffered ceilings and lead glass, you get annoyed.

There is nothing like being hot and sweaty outside and walking inside to a hot and sweaty house.  Bleh.  Lucky for us, those weeks are very few so we deal with it.  It’s not like we live in the South or something.  A few window units are placed in key rooms to help, and it does.  While I hate-hate-hate the sound of a window A/C unit (it’s the ugliest white noise out there)…it is better than waking up at 2 am and sticking to your sheets from sweat.

I’ve bonded over this issue with a neighbor friend of mine.  She doesn’t have it either.  What joy!  Someone who understands!  Let’s be crabby together!  And bitch we did.

You cannot talk to central air people about this.  They do not understand – it’s like childbirth.  When you’re 20 years away from it, you remember the pain like a dull paper cut.  They look at you funny and move on.  It’s the same stare that people with attached garages and automatic garage doors give you.

Why would you pay for an old house and live like you’re camping?

It’s a good question.  One I sometimes ask myself when I’m having a pity party.

But then I remember what I love about old houses and like it or not, they force you to give up some luxuries just like the home owners before you did.  You not only get to enjoy the exquisite old craftsmanship, but you get to live somewhat in that era too.

Although I’m sure old Edith wasn’t cooking Annie’s Mac n Cheese while surfing the web and listening to rock music.

Sometimes new things are better than old.